Education Resource

STUDIO Education Resource PDF Download

This education resource has been produced by Museums and Galleries
NSW to support the national tour of the exhibition STUDIO: Australian
Painters photographed by R. Ian Lloyd.
The aim of this resource is to engage teachers and students with the
exhibition and offer insights into artists’ studio practice via the photographs
exploring these themes. The resource is intended to generate ideas for the
classroom and encourage student research. It can be used as a basis for
discussion before, during and after a visit to the exhibition.
The resource introduces ten artists from the sixty-one photographed by
Lloyd and offers focus questions and suggested activities. It also provides
background information on the journey undertaken by Lloyd and art critic
John McDonald across Australia.
This resource can be used in a variety of ways – as a printed or online
document for individual study or group work, and/or a web-enabled
presentation on an interactive whiteboard or data projector. You can view
the PDF as a slide show by going to view full-screen mode. There are four
active content pages that allow you to explore each artist and the STUDIO
photographs from different entry points.
The material is intended to complement the information provided in the
STUDIO book, STUDIO DVD and the didactic panels in the exhibition.
Teachers are invited to adapt the resource to suit their students’ needs, or
select and integrate sections into existing units of study.