Portrait of Tim Storrier

Tim Storrier

Born: 1949 in Sydney, New South Wales

Representation: Metro 5 Gallery (Melbourne), Philip Bacon Gallery (Brisbane)

Tim Storrier in studio

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2006 Pastoral Domestic – Frame, Dust & Ashes, Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne
2005 Unfinished Journey, Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne
2003 Dust & Ashes, Tim Storrier, Sherman Galleries, Sydney
2003 Lines of Fire, Tim Storrier, Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne
2001 STORRIER – Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne
2000 Still Life and Landscapes – Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney
1999 The Rose Crossing: Contemporary Art in Australia – Sherman Galleries, Sydney
1998 Pacific Drift – Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney
1997 Recent Work – 1997 – Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
1996 Ritual – Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney
1996 Tim Storrier: The Prints, Australian Galleries, Sydney
1996 Colonial Postcolonial – Museum of Modern Art, Heide, Melbourne
1995 Windows on Australia 1 – in association with the Australian Embassy, Tokyo
1995 Schubert Galleries, Gold Coast, Queensland
1994 Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney
1989 Burning of the Gifts – Australian Galleries, Sydney


1994 Awarded the AM in the Australia Day Honours for services to contemporary Australian art
1984 Awarded the Sulman Prize
1978 Awarded R. M. Ansett Hamilton Art Award
1968 Awarded the Sulman Prize
1967 Awarded Sakura Colour Products Prize