Portrait of Alison Multa

Alison Multa

Born: 1959 in Goroka, Papua New Guinea

Migrated: 1972 to Melbourne, Victoria

Representation: Darren Knight Gallery

Alison Multa in studio

Alison was born in 1965 in Alice Springs in central Australia and moved with her mother back to her country near Haasts Bluff. As a dynamic and intelligent person she keeps busy as vice president of the Ikuntji Community Council, teaches at the Haasts Bluff community school, sits on the regional health board, and paints during most evenings with her daughter Serianne Butcher. Alison is married to Gordon Butcher who was a founding member of the Wurumpi Band which burst onto the Australian rock scene in the early 1980’s and soon gained national and international recognition, touring with the likes of Midnight Oil.

Alison’s home country is 200km west of Haasts Bluff in and around the Cleland Hills, sand hill country beyond the West MacDonnell Ranges, with a permanent dwelling at Brown’s Bore enabling her to return and visit the places sacred to her family and renew her connections with the land.

As an artist she likes to experiment with styles and textures, and does not limit herself to the telling of personal stories, but likes to take in the broader sweep of desert life and aboriginal connection to the landscape and its changing moods.