Portrait of Davida Allen

Davida Allen

Born: 1951 in Charleville, Queensland

Representation: Philip Bacon Gallery (Brisbane)

Davida Allen in studio

Allen studied under Betty Churcher at Stuartholme Convent, Brisbane (1965-69) and later under Ray Churcher at Brisbane Central Technical College. She won the Archibald Prize in 1986 for her portrait of her father-in-law Dr John Shera, has written and illustrated two books (‘What Is a Portrait – Images of Vicki Myers’ and ‘The Autobiography of Vicki Myers – Close to the Bone’), and has created a 50 minute film, ‘Feeling Sexy’, on the struggles of an artist attempting to reconcile the conflicting demands of bohemia and suburbia. She frequently confronts the themes of family and sexuality.


Year Details
1991 “The Autobiography of Vicki Myers: Close to the Bone”. Simon and Schuster and New Endeavour Press.
1991 “What is a portrait? Images of Vicki Myers”. Neil Leveson Australian Print Workshop
1994 “Jimmie the Punk”. A short story in Anthology of Australian short stories published by Angus and Robertson